Meet the Coaches
Our coaching program is designed around 1-on-1 mentoring from the most successful entrepreneurs and leading Internet marketing professionals. That means you can expect top-level consulting from some of the best online marketers in the world! Our coaches own multiple websites, operate ebay businesses, sell on Amazon, and are leaders in the latest changes and trends in Internet marketing. And best of all, you will have a coach assigned to you directly to be your personal 1-on-1 business mentor, providing you with tailored consulting to jumpstart your own online business.

Coach Videos

Trevor S.

Trevor started selling online in 2006. Since that time, he has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, started and sold multiple online and offline businesses, and has become a “Top-Rated” eBay Powerseller.

Davin P.

Davin has been in the world of internet marketing since 2003. He has made money through almost every method of Internet marketing there is, including ecommerce, affiliate marketing, currency exchange and auction sites.

Kristofer D.

Kris has been involved in marketing for local and online businesses for over 10 years. He currently owns multiple affiliate and drop shipping websites, one of which is He has personally consulted over 1,000 small businesses over his marketing career to generate sales and leads online.

Mike W.

Mike, Owner of Meridian Data LLC, launched his first online business in 1999 with eBay sales. Since that time he’s worked with real estate and real estate private notes and started multiple websites and has taught thousands on how to be successful doing the same.

Jason F.

Jason has been doing his own Internet businesses for over 7 years. He has built and marketed multiple successful websites, several of which are on the front page of Google and generate thousands of dollars in income each month.

Glenn L.

Glenn started with eBay in 2003 and has since sold successfully on classified ads, Amazon, and multiple web stores. His record for one order on his site was over $10,000. He contributes his success to marketing and selling items he believes in. He has some exciting new projects for 2013 and looks forward to continued success online.

Steve H.

Steve has been selling on ebay since 2004. He now currently owns 10 online businesses, does both drop shipping and affiliate marketing, and has taught over 1,000 other small businesses to do the same. Steve's specialty is in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), allowing for he and his clients to get top rankings in Google.

Jenn M.

Jenn started with eBay in 2004 and has since sold successfully through Amazon, Etsy and her website Jaylynn Boutique. She has helped thousands of individuals and small businesses to do the same. Her clients enjoy the one-one-one approach and love working with her.

Mark W.

Mark is the owner of Mark Williams Consulting, an innovative and elite bridal and wedding consulting business. Mark started his business back in 2009 and since then has earned his way to the top wedding industries in the state. 

Spencer M.

Spencer has been apart of internet marketing for the past 11+ years. He currently owns and manages multiple successful sites including,, and Spencer has continued to develop his skills within the marketing industry with a focus in graphic design.